Moonstone – new beginnings

moonstone crystal

Named so because of the effect of the shimmering play of white or blue lights on its surface, similar to the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water. The moonstone is a rare (large or fine quality), mystical gemstone that hides symbolic charges. Lets discover all about Moonstone. Origins and characteristics is …

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Amethyst – symbol of royalty


Amethyst is the most precious stone found in the quartz group, where it is found alongside citrine, hawk’s eye, tiger’s eye, smoky and rose quartz. It is also known as purple quartz. According to Greek legend, the name ‘amethyst’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘a methystus’, which is derived from ‘methys’ – sober, undrinkable. …

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Emerald – gift of Gods


Emerald is part of the ‘crown’ of gemstones, which also includes diamond, sapphire and ruby. When asking what emerald is, it is important to remember that it belongs to the category of beryls, where the other 3 gemstones are found. The most vibrant green gemstone is a variety of green-blue-green beryl, a mineral that also …

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